QuickStand: First Impressions

Yesterday I recieved a Humanscale QuickStand sit-stand desk device to try. It’s an attempt to provide sit-stand functionality to existing desks. I’ll be trying it out for a while and wanted to note down some initial thoughts.

Photo of the Humanscale QuickStand
The QuickStand in standing mode on my desk.


  • The maximum height is perfect for me to stand at. I’m just over 6ft tall. Taller people in my office have tried it and found the screen to be too low for them.
  • The display bracket (I have the single-screen model) supports my heavy Dell U2711 with ease.
  • The fit and finish is excellent.
  • It’s easy to assemble and install.


  • It wobbles when at standing height. I mean it really wobbles.
  • It comes with pre-routed cables for power, single-link DVI and USB. Single-link DVI doesn’t support high-resolution displays like mine, so I have a separate DisplayPort cable dangling over the side.
  • At sitting height, because of the tilted riser rail, the screen sits right in the middle of my 800mm desk. That’s way too close to my eyes. No wonder Humanscale recommend buying an extra keyboard tray in their promotional video!
  • My laptop doesn’t travel with my workspace. I often find myself looking down at it, which can’t be good for my neck.

The unit seems to retail for around £600. That’s around half the price of Humanscale’s sit-stand desk, the Float, which includes a whole desk as well.

Ray Collins’ Seascapes

The lighting in some of these seascape photos make the waves appear mountainous; opaque and unmoving. Our planet has the capacity for breathtaking beauty.

Links to WBC2015 Live Stream

UK/Bath’s Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood is competing in the 2015 World Barista Championship in Seattle this weekend. Here’s the schedule and links to the live stream provided by World Coffee Events.

I’ve updated links to point to videos instead of live streams. Follow links to the live stream events to see the whole competition.

Video Links

Event Links

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Russell Brand

Brand finds himself talking about forsaking his worldly possessions with Mike Tyson, but the conversation quickly devolves into how Tyson loves Brand’s shoes. You get the sense that, while he probably never gave up the shoes, he would like to be applauded for at least thinking deeply about it.

The more I learn about Russell Brand the more I am convinced he is unaware of his own hypocrisy.

New View

Photo of Bath’s High Common from Cavendish Crescent
Part of the view from my new flat, overlooking Bath.

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