Russell Brand

Brand finds himself talking about forsaking his worldly possessions with Mike Tyson, but the conversation quickly devolves into how Tyson loves Brand’s shoes. You get the sense that, while he probably never gave up the shoes, he would like to be applauded for at least thinking deeply about it.

The more I learn about Russell Brand the more I am convinced he is unaware of his own hypocrisy.

New View

Photo of Bath’s High Common from Cavendish Crescent
Part of the view from my new flat, overlooking Bath.

Visited Countries

World map with countries that I have visited highlighted
Plenty left still to explore.

Where I’ve Been maps were a great way of keeping track of visited countries, and when TripAdvisor sunset the site I was disappointed. Rather than relying on yet another third-party service to host my travel history I had a go at making my own map of where I’ve been.

I wanted my map to be fast, statically hosted on this site, and I wanted all graphics to be vector-based. I used the excellent (albeit Mercator) SVG map of the world from amCharts, which includes country paths with two-letter country code IDs that make styling using CSS really easy. With the help of CloudFlare’s gzip compression the high-definition map weighs less than 500KB.

Take a look at my map or grab the page source and make your own.

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